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About Us.

Capital A is THE startup for startups, a venture fund for seed to

early stage meaningful startups. We’re here for entrepreneurs

who eat, sleep and drink their business (and occasionally watch Star Wars). 

We’re always there to work alongside these passionate folks,

and not above them, to help them succeed. We either lead a round,

or get in the game as co-investors. Nothing less suffices.

So, who’s the face behind the fund? The OG VC?


Ankit Kedia, former promoter of Manjushree Technopack Ltd., largest manufacturers of rigid plastics packaging in the entire South Asia region. If you’ve ever held a bottle of Coke in your hand, it’s Manjushree who made it.

The company was divested to Advent International in 2018. 

Our Why.

A lot of technical jargon coming your way. Ready? Here we go!


The PE/VC industry has grown multifold across the globe. India, has been in the Top 3 emerging market destinations for LPs for quite some time now. The ecosystem is up to the brim with financial capital, but there’s a milieu of ‘spray and pray’ investments. Capital A feels icky about that approach. We want to be ‘sniper-strong’ when we back early-stage startups. 

Our misson:

Make. Them. Successful.

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