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The Force is Strong with Us.


It’s all about the feels! If you’re a founder, we already know how much this startup means to you. Your journey so far, by default, has been exciting, insightful and overwhelming. You must have already gone through a tiresome yet nirvanic process of ideation, fundraising, product validation, team building and grit.

And we feel you.

We know you without even having met you. Our EQ is very, very high, and believe you us, we will help you stay on track; we will make sure this journey is rewarding, and we will work with you to make you feel as secure as a term deposit!

Engagement Capital

Our passion for clever puns and wordplay is as strong as our passion to engage with you and go above and beyond to enable your success. Our general style is hands-off with a periodical check-in, but when you need us, like really need us, we will deploy our A-Team to help you with customer acquisition, market research, operations, branding, storytelling or anything else that could help your startup thrive.

Network  Capital

When it comes to networking, we put LinkedIn to shame. Our strong network of national and global resources will always be there for you when you need to reach out for your own networking, domain-specific insights or graduate to the next round of fundraising.

It took us years to establish and nurture the relationships we have today with the investor community and the brightest minds their fields, through our family office that runs its own investment mandate. And at Capital A, we shall proudly leverage this network. 

For us. For you.

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